HVAC Apprentice



GreenSavers started with a mission to make homes better. Since 2007, our team has completed more than 1,300 projects. We are now a nationally recognized leader in home performance, earning the US EPA's 2016 Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year Award.



The HVAC Apprentice is responsible for executing the installation of heating systems, water heaters, and other mechanical aspects of GreenSavers projects. The Apprentice will be trained on installing mini-split heat pumps, ducted heat pumps, ventilation equipment, air conditioners, gas furnaces, as well as tanked and tankless water heaters.  Some experience is preferred, but only good mechanical aptitude is required.  This HVAC Apprentice interfaces with the sales and project management teams to ensure accurate pricing and on-schedule project completion. This position reports to the Project Manager.


$15 - $30 per hour, depending on experience


Send resume to the Robert Hamerly at <roberth@greensaversusa.com>.


  • Maintain cleanliness and organization. Includes your assigned company vehicle, area of the warehouse, and job-site.
  • Ensure company property, vehicles, and tools are used and maintained properly.
  • Clear communication. Communicate with dispatch while on duty so that dispatcher has accurate status report. Ask for help and offer help as needed.
  • Safety. As part of the job, you may be exposed to potentially hazardous materials such as lead paint, fiberglass, vermiculite, and rodent droppings. Safety must be the first priority at all times. Use of proper protective equipment is required.
  • Respect for homeowners. Show the utmost respect for homeowners. We work in existing homes and will accommodate homeowners' requests as much as possible.
  • Team-player. This is a blame-free environment, where we support each other as much as possible. We talk to each other, not about each other.
  • Can-do attitude. Step up to meet challenges. Always consider how to learn from challenges and build on successes.
  • Professionalism. Everything we do projects professionalism. This is especially true of your personal appearance (e,.g. hygiene, hair, clothes) and environment (e.g. job site, vehicle).
  • Show up on time. Reliability is essential.
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