Weatherization Specialist


If you’re a team player that takes pride in your work and strives to continuously improve, we’d love to hear from you. Core responsibilities include insulating floors, walls, and attics as well as sealing and insulating ductwork. Base salary, commission, and benefits are the best in the business.


$14 - $20 per hour, depending on experience


Send resume to Andrea Williams at <>


Insulate floors, walls, and attics per the 2016 Energy Trust of Oregon Weatherization Specifications Manual. Seal and insulate ductwork.

  • Floor Insulation. Insulate floors with fiberglass batts, often insulating over existing insulation.
  • Wall Insulation. Remove siding and dense-pack existing walls with cellulose from the exterior or interior of the home.
  • Attic Insulation. Blow in fiberglass or cellulose loose-fill insulation.
  • Duct Sealing. Use mastic to thickly coat joints, gaps and seams in ductwork.
  • Air Sealing. Use a one-part foam gun to seal gaps and cracks in attics and crawlspaces before insulating.
  • Framing. Weatherization work can include minor framing. General carpentry skills are required.


  • Safety. Exposure to potentially hazardous materials such as lead paint, fiberglass, vermiculite, and rodent droppings can be expected. Safety must be the first priority at all times. Use of proper protective equipment, such as tyvek suits and respirators, is required.
  • Comfort. Must be comfortable working in tight conditions - such crawlspaces - as well as conditions that can be hot or cold depending on the season - such as attics.
  • Respect for Homeowners. Show the utmost respect for homeowners. We work in existing homes and will accommodate homeowners’ requests as much as possible.
  • Team-player. This is a blame-free environment, where we support each other as much as possible. Ask for help and offer help as needed.
  • Can-Do Attitude. Step up to meet challenges.
  • Continuous Improvement. Consider how to learn from challenges and build on successes.
  • Professionalism. Everything we do projects professionalism. This is especially true of your appearance (e,.g. hygiene, hair, clothes) and environment (e.g. job site, vehicle, tools).  
  • Show up on time. Reliability is essential.
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs or more. This is a physical job, requiring strength and stamina.
  • Transportation. Must have reliable transportation with a valid driver’s license.
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