Resources for ductless heating and cooling


What blows your hair back? Whether it’s incentives, cost effectiveness, or just a big picture perspective on ductless heat pumps, there's something for you here. 

The Energy Trust of Oregon provides the most up-to-date information on incentives for ductless heat pumps in Oregon and SW Washington. GreenSavers is a 3-star trade ally of the Energy Trust and will make sure you get every dollar that you deserve. 

The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program is a national program administered by the US Department of Energy in conjunction with the US Environmental Protection Agency. The program offers a no-nonsense introduction to ductless heating and cooling with specifications and buying guidance.

Mitsubishi offers a full line of ductless heating and cooling products. Click here to see a broad overview of Mitsubishi’s ductless options, including the wall-mount, wall-mount deluxe, horizontal ducted, and ceiling recessed design-types.

The NW Ductless Heat Pump Project is a treasure trove of information on - you guessed it - ductless heat pumps in the Pacific Northwest. We've found their higher level perspective on benefits and installation to be helpful for homeowners.

The Bonneville Power Administration summarizes several studies on ductless heat pumps in Oregon and Washington. Here’s a fun fact from their multi-year study on ductless heat pumps in single family homes:

On average, homeowners save 5214 kWh per year, or about $550 in Portland and Bend, when they switch to a ductless heat pump from an electric furnace as their primary heating source (Table 5, p.8).

You can read more about the Bonneville Power Administration’s studies on ductless heat pumps in multifamily buildings and the performance of ductless heat pumps in cold climates.