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If you’d like to install a heat pump in Bend, Redmond, or Sisters, you’re in the right place. Based in Bend, GreenSavers has installed hundreds of energy efficient heat pumps, all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Start today by giving us a call at 541.330.8767 or scheduling a free estimate online.


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 Case study: What’s it like to install a heat pump?


“We probably have one of the lowest electric bills in the city.”

-Homeowner Gilson R.

  • Challenge: Choose a quiet and energy efficient HVAC system that complements the open design of the home.

  • Solution: The Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning system provides comfort and efficient operation while integrating seamlessly into the home’s design.


”We ended up using the Mitsubishi mini-split system. We used that because it allows us to have separate zones for all the different parts of the house. Our guests can have the temperature that they like without our having to adjust to them or without them having to adjust to what we would like.”


“The Mitsubishi Electric system complements the house design by keeping things very simple and clean. We don’t have ceiling chases for ductwork because they’re mostly being incorporated into the walls. The house itself has very large expanses or open areas. You can see the ceiling is open and flows over a wall into the kitchen. We feel that the Mitsubishi system was really the best choice for the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation for the house because of the amount of control it gives us as well as the fact that it’s virtually silent.”


“We have solar panels on the roof, and because of the efficiency of the compressor in the heat pump system, we’re able to cover almost all of our electrical use with the solar panels that we have. It’s covering about 90% and in some months over 100%. We have probably one of the lowest electric bills of anyone in the city.”


Bend heat pumps: Common questions and concerns

What sets you apart from other heat pump contractors?

Count on GreenSavers because we’re the best at what we do, and we’re in business for the right reasons.

ENERGY STAR CONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR: For the last four years in a row, the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE chose Bend-based GreenSavers as ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year from more than 1,450 contractors across the country. We earned this distinction because of our professionalism and experience installing high efficiency systems like Mitsubishi heat pumps.

MISSION-DRIVEN: GreenSavers is a certified B Corp contractor. Our mission is to improve lives, inspire our team, and serve our communities by building in a better, more holistic way. Learn more about how we’re using business as a force for good by checking our Annual Benefit Report.


What is a ducted heat pump and a ductless heat pump?

You may have heard about both a ducted heat pump and a ductless heat pump. What’s the difference? A ducted heat pump typically replaces an existing gas or electric furnace and uses the existing ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. A ductless heat pump has a single-indoor unit (called a “head”) that heats and cools a particular room or area of your home. Check out the video overviews or visit our ducted heat pump and ductless heat pump pages to learn more. (return to top)

Ducted heat pump video overview

Ductless heat pump video overview

Do heat pumps work in cold weather climates like Bend, Oregon?

Yes they do! Mitsubishi’s inverter-driven heat pump technology provides efficient heating, even in extreme cold weather. The Mitsubishi heat pumps that we install operate at full capacity down to 5 degrees, then at a reduced efficiency down to -13 degrees. Heat pump technology has advanced dramatically in that last 12 to 15 years, eliminating concerns about heating performance in cold weather. (return to top)

What cash incentives are available for heat pumps in Bend?

Customers of Central Electric Cooperative (CEC), Midstate Electric Cooperative, and Pacific Power can all take advantage of heat pump cash incentives, which are subject to change. CEC offers cash incentives between $250 and $1,850 depending on the efficiency of the heat pump, the type of heating system that the heat pump replaces, and the condition of the ducts. If you’re a Midstate customer, you can expect a heat pump cash incentive between $500 and $1,400, and Pacific Power customers get between $250 and $700 via the Energy Trust. (return to top)

My second floor gets noticeably hotter and colder. What are my options?

If you have a two story home with a central heating and cooling system in Bend, Oregon, it’s common to see a 7 or 8 degree temperature difference between the first floor and the second floor. So in the summertime, when you set the thermostat to 70 degrees on the first floor, you might notice the temperature on the second floor creep up to 78 degrees. To get a consistent temperature between both floors, we recommend getting an evaluation of your attic insulation and an estimate for a heat pump, which provides provides zonal heating and cooling. (return to top)

My energy bills are high. Will a heat pump help bring my bills down?

If you currently heat with electricity (e.g. an electric furnace or baseboard electric), a heat pump will definitely bring your bills down. The high efficiency Mitsubishi heat pump systems that we install operate about three times more efficiently than standard electric systems. So a person who heats with an electric furnace and regularly sees $400 monthly heating bills could expect their heating bills to drop by about two-thirds down to about $133 a month, assuming that everything else is equal. (return to top)

Which heat pumps work best in Bend, Oregon?

We find that Mitsubishi strikes the right balance between performance and price for our clients in Bend and Central Oregon. Only Mitsubishi heat pumps feature hyper-heating technology, which allows the systems to deliver efficient heating all the way down to -13 degrees. This is essential for homes in Bend, Redmond, and Sisters. What’s more, Mitsubishi has a strong reputation for quality and durability. With proper maintenance, a Mitsubishi heat pump will perform reliably for more than 20 years. And with an ENERGY STAR certification, you know that Mitsubishi heat pumps are the most energy efficient on the market. (return to top)

Will a Bend heat pump improve the air quality in my home?

Heat pumps are better at filtering air than central air systems. If you suffer from allergies in the spring or wildfire smoke in the fall, you’d likely notice a significant improvement by installing a heat pump. First, heat pumps operate continuously, delivering a steady stream of conditioned air throughout the home. Continuous operation means that indoor air is consistently moving through the air filter in the heat pump. Second, to improve indoor air quality even more, we recommend installing a two-stage catechin filter, which captures viruses, bacteria, and common allergens like dust, pollen, and dust mites. (return to top)

Can a heat pump help me go carbon free or get off the grid?

Yes! If you’re considering solar panels, you’ll want to first reduce your heating and cooling load by installing a Mitsubishi heat pump and taking other steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home (think insulation). By first reducing your heating and cooling load, you may be able to save substantially on solar because you’ll be able to meet your needs with a smaller solar panel system. (return to top)

What type of regular service is needed to maintain a heat pump?

According the U.S. Department of Energy, the energy efficiency of a heat pump will drop by 10% to 25% if severely neglected. First, you’ll want to change the filters regularly (about every 2-3 months). Second, when you change the filters, you should also do a basic cleaning to remove accumulated dirt or debris on the coils and fans, especially on the outdoor compressor. Consider signing up for the GreenSavers Home Performance Plan to ensure that your heat pump system stays under warranty and continues to operate at peak efficiency. What you get is a bi-annual tune up and maintenance check. If anything goes wrong, you jump to the front of the line with priority scheduling, and you get a 10% discount on parts and labor.