2016 and 2017 ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year. Based in Portland and Bend, GreenSavers is a national leader in home energy efficiency. Get a home energy audit or estimate for insulation, windows, furnace, air conditioner, ductless heat pump, water heater, seismic or solar system.

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Get a home energy audit in Portland or Bend


How does your home use and lose energy? We do a 2-4 hour diagnostic inspection. What you get is a Home Performance Report, Indoor Air Quality Report, and Project Proposal. If you complete a project in Portland, you also get a free post-project Home Energy Score.


Want to learn more about an audit for your home?


Benefits of a home energy audit



An energy audit is the best possible way to understand your priorities for safety, comfort, and efficiency at home. 




During a home energy audit, our technicians collect hundreds of data points about your home. This has a pair of important benefits:

Our testing takes away the guesswork. By taking a whole home perspective, we make recommendations that guarantee you get the most for your money in terms of safety, comfort and efficiency. You get a detailed understanding of how one improvement, like attic insulation, will impact even seemingly unrelated areas of your home, like bathroom ventilation.

Don’t just take our word for it. When you get a home energy audit, you get a diagnostic baseline that can be used to measure the impact of any improvements you decide to make. So for example, if you hire GreenSavers to do air sealing and insulation in your home, you know exactly how much those improvements reduce drafts and improve comfort.



Learn more about the tests we perform during a home energy audit: Blower Door Test, IR Camera Scan, Combustion Appliance Test, Gas Line Inspection, IAQ Assessment. Our team also performs a visual inspection of your windows, seismic risk, and solar potential.

Blower Door Test: A blower door test measures how much air is moving through your home. This informs decisions about air sealing and insulation. IR Camera Scan: We use an infrared camera (or IR camera) to measure surface temperatures, indicating where you do and do not have insulation. Combustion Appliance Testing: Combustion appliances, such as furnaces and many water heaters, are tested for both efficiency and safety. Of primary concern are CO other other combustion gases in your home. Gas Line Inspection: Our gas sniffer measures even trace amounts of gas leaking through cracks or holes in your gas lines. IAQ Assessment: We measure 6 common indoor air quality concerns: (1) particulate matter, (2) chemical off-gassing, (3) carbon dioxide, (4) carbon monoxide, (5) temperature, and (6) humidity.




When your audit is complete, you get a project proposal with a full breakdown of pricing, rebates, and tax credits. GreenSavers has the highest possible rating as a trade ally with Energy Trust of Oregon - 3 out of 3 Stars - for customer service and quality performance.

We know exactly what incentives are available and what needs to be done for processing. If you decide to move forward with a project, we handle all of the paperwork to process your incentives at no additional charge.



Starting in 2018, a Home Energy Score will be required for single-family homes and townhomes listed for sale in Portland, Oregon. If you schedule a home energy audit and complete a project with GreenSavers in Portland, you get a free Home Energy Score when your project is complete.


Scheduling an audit in Portland or Bend


To schedule a home energy audit, please call our office in Portland (503.223.8767) or Bend (541.330.8767) or schedule online:

Our home energy audit costs $300. This amount is fully reimbursed if you complete a project with GreenSavers. In other words, you get a $300 credit towards whatever work is at the top of your list. If you live in Portland, you also get a free post-project Home Energy Score.


Why get a home energy audit from GreenSavers



Our mission is to improve lives, inspire our team, and serve our communities by building in a better, more holistic way. Taking our mission to heart, we earned the 2016 and 2017 ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year Award from US EPA and DOE. The award recognizes our professionalism, customer service, and outstanding contributions to energy efficiency.


Clients choose us for peace of mind. GreenSavers has more building science expertise than any other home performance contractor in the Pacific Northwest. With 13 team members certified by the Building Performance Institute, we guarantee you get the best available information about priorities, costs, incentives, and tax credits.

You also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. GreenSavers has the highest rating from Energy Trust of Oregon - 3 out of 3 stars - for customer service and quality performance. As an Energy Trust trade ally, we can help you access cash incentives to make it easier to improve your home’s energy efficiency. GreenSavers handles the paperwork needed to process your incentives and tax credits. This is done at no extra charge.