How wildfire smoke can hurt your health

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The smoke from the California wildfires have reached across the United States, but the effects of the smoke are worst on the west coast. Haze, smoke, and other airborne particulates from the blaze may put your health at risk, especially if you have a weakened immune system.

But how does smoke from wildfires damage your health? And what can you do to keep safe from poor air quality?

Why smoke is bad for your health

Smoke primarily consists of particulate matter in the air but it also contains a number of carcinogens. It's recommended that any particle pollution in the air should not be more than 150 micrograms for a healthy air quality.

Breathing in these particulates and carcinogens can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, resulting in a number of adverse health effects, especially if you suffer from a chronic respiratory condition like asthma. It can also damage your cardiovascular system, cause stinging in the eyes, nose, and throat, and cause hospitalization.

How does it affect indoor air quality?

When the outdoor air quality is bad, your indoor air quality will also suffer. In fact, due to allergens, cooking, painting, and dust, it's estimated that the indoor air quality of your home is between two and five times dirtier than the air outside. Regardless, it's advised to keep your windows and doors shut tightly during a period of poor air quality outdoors. It's recommended that you stay inside, but if you must leave, you should wear a dust mask or other respirator.

How to improve the air quality of your home

If your house is warm, you should rely on a great air conditioning system or furnace to cool your home rather than opening the windows or doors. Air conditioning relies on a number of filters to provide healthy, breathable air throughout your home. As such, it's important that you change your filters often and get your HVAC repairs performed by a reliable heating and cooling technician.

When you want to keep your family happy and healthy in the face of wildfires, rely on the company you can trust; with GreenSavers, you can rest assured our team can repair your furnace and prepare your home against the threat of poor indoor air quality. Call for a quote today!

Steffan Kasula