Mitsubishi Ductless


The team at GreenSavers recommends Mitsubishi as the best manufacturer of ductless heat pumps. High performance and reliability at a fair price - That's something we can get behind.

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Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps

Click here to see a broad overview of Mitsubishi’s ductless options, including the wall-mount, wall-mount deluxe, horizontal ducted, and ceiling recessed design-types. If you’re like us and enjoy geeking out on product specifications, feel free to peruse the links below.


Wall-Mount. This design type is best used for: (1) hot or cold rooms, (2) additions / renovations, (3) enclosed patios, (4) homes without space for ductwork, or (5) larger, multi-room living spaces. The operation manual can be downloaded here.


Wall-Mount Deluxe. This design type is best for: (1) high efficiency cooling and heating; (2) advanced triple-action air filtration, and (3) high performance Hyper-Heating down to -13° F outdoor ambient. Click here to view or download the operation manual.


Horizontal Ducted. This design type is best used for: (1) master bedrooms, (2) bathrooms, (3) additions, or (4) rooms with soffit or crawl space available. Here is the operation manual.


Ceiling Recessed. This design type is best for: (1) bedrooms, (2) offices, (3) basements, sunrooms, or (4) new additions. View the operation manual here.


Outdoor Units. (1) Connecting up to 8 indoor units to one outdoor unit, (2) multiple zones or entire home, renovations, different indoor unit designs for different room types.