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The Rheem RA16 Classic Series Air Conditioner stands out as our most popular central AC system. Because of its efficiency, moderate price, and reliable performance in our climate, the RA16 is an excellent choice for air conditioning in Oregon.

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All about the Rheem Classic Series Air Conditioner


Rheem Classic Series Air Conditioner

High performance at a fair price. Founded in 1925, Rheem has a reputation for reliability. A Rheem Classic Series AC system will last 15-20+ years with proper maintenance.

The RA16 is an ENERGY STAR certified air conditioner with a maximum efficiency of 16 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). SEER is a metric used to measure how much cooling an air conditioner or heat pump produces for each unit of energy it consumes. The higher the SEER, the higher the efficiency.

We find the 16 SEER RA16 air conditioner strikes the right balance between energy efficiency and cost for our clients in Portland and Central Oregon. The lowest efficiency AC systems are 13 SEER. Rheem’s most efficient system is the Prestige Series RA20, which features a 20 SEER rating and variable-speed cooling.

GreenSavers HVAC technician Josh E. diagnoses an underperforming AC system.

GreenSavers HVAC technician Josh E. diagnoses an underperforming AC system.


Here are a few things to know about the RA16 AC:

  • It's quiet: Sound-reduction features, such as a composite base pan and insulated compressors, make Rheem air conditioners among the quietest on the market.

  • Looks good: Updated cabinet design has a modern appeal. Powder coatings and corrosion resistant screws help maintain the appearance of the jacket.

  • Reliable: Copeland compressors are used in the top two Rheem series and are considered the gold standard within the industry.

  • Easy to maintain: Rheem’s PlusOne design features, like expanded valve space and triple service access, makes it easier, faster and less costly to service the unit.


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